A big Funko collector? or are you looking for one of your first Funko? We have more than 600 types of Funko in our range. Funko Dorbz, Funko POP!, Funko keychains or are you looking for exclusive Funko? we have it all.

Funko exclusive

In our range we have a wide range of exclusive Funko's. A few varieties we offer are Funko Chase, Funko Exclusive, Funko Special edition and Funko Sepia. But stay tuned for more Funko exclusives. Click on the button below and view our Funko exclusive range.

Funko exclusive

Funko POP!

Funko's most famous product is the Funko POP! These dolls have a bobblehead and are packed in the beautiful square boxes.

Funko Dorbz

Also a well-known product from Funko are the Funko Dorbz, these cute dolls are 7.5 cm tall and are packed in a double-sided window box.

More Funko!

In addition to the well-known dolls, Funko makes many more products such as: Cuddly toys, games, clothing and other beautiful collectibles.